Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Assignment Type: Individual Project Due Date: 5/21/2005
Points Possible: 125 Project Duration: will vary
Deliverable Length: 5-6 slides with notes

In the last unit, you outlined your strategies for your new business. In this project, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation about the management of human resources in your business.

You will be preparing a presentation for the business consultant that your have hired to help you in starting your business. The goal of presentation is to outline your plans for managing the human resources in your business. Your slides should be limited to bullet points and visuals, but you should include complete talking points in the notes section of the presentation.

Outline the following items in your presentation:

Your forecast of employees
Recruiting and selection methods that you will use
How you plan to train and appraise your employees
How you plan to compensate your employees
Organization Chart

this is the three employess and what they do, Hiring three employees, I will prepare for the Customers. I will train the employees in food preparation and how to handle customers. Before the Grand opening, we will have a couple of “dry runs”; to practice Customer Service and make sure the food quality is the best.

Assignment Type: Discussion Board Due Date: 5/21/2005
Points Possible: 90 Project Duration: will vary
Deliverable Length: 3-4 paragraphs

you developed a summary of the planning and organizing components of your human resources management. Think about the directing and controlling aspects of implementing your human resources strategy. How are directing and controlling part of a manager's job? How will directing and controlling affect the successful implementation of your strategy

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